A – Forest habitat near the main entrance of Lagodekhi National Park; B – Malaise trap in the mountain middle zone in a mixed mountain forest, with Fagus orientalis as a dominant tree species (Fageto-galiosum), 1351 m a.s.l.; C – Funnel and yellow pan traps, close to river along the road from main entrance to Lagodekhi National Park; D – Strongly decomposed beech snag; E – Snag of beech with emergence holes of Rhaesus serricollis (Motschulsky, 1838) (Cerambycidae); F – Bracket fungus with beetles of Diaperis boleti (Linnaeus, 1758) (Tenebrionidae).

  Part of: Japoshvili G, Hilszczański J, Byk A, Jaworski T, Łoś K, Borowski J, Tarwacki G, Piętka J, Plewa R (2022) New records of Coleoptera from Lagodekhi Protected Areas, with new records for Georgia (Sakartvelo). Caucasiana 1: 29-39. https://doi.org/10.3897/caucasiana.1.e85239