Wetland vegetation species composition along geographical gradients as analyzed with the CCA ordination; all data are well within the 95% confidence interval (encircled). “Eastern lowlands” include the wetlands in Shida Kartli Lowland and Alazani Valley; Iori Valley stands for the entire Iori River gorge.

  Part of: Tedoradze G, Akobia I, Janiashvili Z, Jugeli T, Lachashvili N, Megvinetukhutsesi N, Metreveli V, Mikeladze G, Kikvidze Z (2023) The annotated checklist of plant species that occur in the wetland habitats of Georgia (the Caucasus). Caucasiana 2: 97-107. https://doi.org/10.3897/caucasiana.2.e101677